We support you in transforming your business

- Landscaping and scouting cleantechs project solutions in France, Europe and around the world

- Identifying environmental solutions to improve your economic performance

- Establishing contacts with European business and expert and analytical agencies in the field of environment and climate protection

- Building the environmental reputation of your business in Europe

- Support for entry into the European market on environmental issues

- Assisting in the establishment of a specialized fund or incubator for cleantech

- Enter new markets

- Identify new customers

- Find partners to develop your technology

- To finance your project and your development

We have an excellent network of contacts in industrial, metallurgical and mining sectors within the European economy.

And a large network of contacts on new urban mobility, waste management, hydrogen fuel, emission reduction and CO2 management, eco-city and risk management/risk prevention.

our professional competnces and services

- for russian corporates

- for startups with cleantech solutions